100 years of ecology at the Centennial Meeting of the Ecological Society of America

August 9–14, 2015, in Baltimore, Md.
Ecological Science at the Frontier

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, April 30, 2015
Contact: Liza Lester, 202-833-8773 ext. 211, gro.asenull@retseLL


logoThe 100th Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of America convenes this August 9–14 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md. The centennial meeting is on track to be our biggest gathering, with 4,000 presentations scheduled on topics from microorganisms to global scale ecological change.

ESA invites press and institutional public information officers to attend for free (see credential policy below). To apply, please contact ESA Communications Officer Liza Lester directly at gro.asenull@retsell. Walk-in registration will be available during the meeting.

When the society was founded in 1915, ecology was a new field, still defining its scope as a discipline rooted in the study of the relationships of organisms to each other and their environment. The last century has seen the development of the foundations of ecological theory. The discipline continues to expand its boundaries with new ideas, new experimental tools, and the recruitment of young scientists from previously excluded social groups. At the 100th Annual Meeting, featured sessions will look back at the field’s growth over the last hundred years — and forward to the environmental challenges that will face us now and into the next century.

The complete conference program, including abstracts for oral and poster presentations, will be available online and as a downloadable app in June 2015.

Meeting abstracts are not embargoed. Reporters who would like help locating presenters and outside sources for in person or phone interviews should contact Liza Lester at gro.asenull@retsell or (202) 833-8773 x211.


Scientific Plenary Monday, August 10, 8:00–11:30 am

In celebration of the centennial, panelists James Collins, Doulas Erwin, Rush Holt and Margaret Palmer will lead the community in envisioning a successful environmental agenda for the next 5, 10, 50, and 100 years. This program is open to the public.


Field Trips

Field visits have been an integral part of the Annual Meeting since the founding of the society. Visiting ecologists will explore the native ecology, history, and traditional ecological knowledge of the Chesapeake Bay watershed in 17 organized outings to long-term ecological research sites, national museums, the Potomac River, Baltimore Harbor, and more.


Special Sessions daily 11:30 am–1:15 pm; 8:00–10:00 pm

With a flexible and informal format, this year’s special sessions include presentations on earth stewardship, an eco-fashion show, and a pitch session for applied research projects, structured like a reality TV game show and judged by local leaders from environmental non-profits.


ESA Policy on Press Credentials

We will waive registration fees for reporters with a recognized press card and current members of the National Association of Science Writers, the Canadian Science Writers Association, the International Science Writers Association and the Society of Environmental Journalists.

We do not waive registration fees for editors of peer-reviewed journals, ad sales representatives, publishers, program officers or marketing professionals.


Institutional Press Officers

We will waive registration fees for press officers. If you cannot attend but would like to promote presenters from your institution, we are happy to distribute your press releases in the meeting’s Press Room.  Press officers may request copies of all abstracts related to their institution. For registration, more information, or help finding your scientists in our meeting program, please contact Liza Lester at gro.asenull@retsell or (202) 833-8773 x211.


Newsroom Operation

Members of the press are exempt from registration fees and may attend all meeting sessions (*field trip fee still apply). A staffed Press Room, including computers, a printer, telephones and an interview area, will be available.

  • Location:         North Show Office, to the right of the Exhibition Hall
  • Phone:             410-649-6066;  410-649-6110


The Press Room will be open on these dates:

  • Sunday, August 10:  1:00– 5:00 pm
  • Monday, August 11 Thursday, August 14th:  7:30 am–5:30 pm
  • Friday, August 15:  7:30 am–Noon

The Ecological Society of America (ESA), founded in 1915, is the world’s largest community of professional ecologists and a trusted source of ecological knowledge, committed to advancing the understanding of life on Earth. The 10,000 member Society publishes six journals and a membership bulletin and broadly shares ecological information through policy, media outreach, and education initiatives. The Society’s Annual Meeting attracts 4,000 attendees and features the most recent advances in ecological science. Visit the ESA website at https://www.esa.org.