College Internship Opportunities in Marine Science

College Internship Opportunities in Marine Science
Mote Marine Laboratory
Sarasota, FL

Organization Description
Mote Marine Laboratory, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1955 as a place “where people can learn more about the sea.” Today Mote, one of the few remaining independent marine research facilities in the United States, serves as a center for research, scientific collaboration, and public education focused on our marine environment. Mote has gained international recognition through the quality and diversity of its research conducted in over 50 countries by its multidisciplinary staff of recognized scientific research leaders. Unique to Mote is an adjacent public aquarium open daily with over 400,000 worldwide visitors annually and over 200 displays and educational programs originating from the Laboratory’s research.

Internship Program Mission
The mission of Mote’s College Internship Program is to inspire students with a life long appreciation and commitment to the conservation and sustainability of our oceans through a unique opportunity to explore hands-on the marine world and its inhabitants under the mentorship of recognized scientific research leaders in their respective fields of study.

Internship Description
Internships are available year-round. Duration of an internship runs from 8 to 16 weeks, with longer periods of time considered. Mote offers a wide variety of internships in seven different research centers as well as several support areas. The internship areas encompass aquaculture; animal care; environmental chemistry; coastal ecology; fisheries; marine mammal, sea turtle, and shark research. Research interns get hands-on experience in the field and laboratory with specific duties depending on research area but include animal care and surveys, acoustic monitoring, data processing and analysis, field collection, lab testing and maintenance. Support area interns gain valuable experience working in our animal care, public aquarium, communications, library, and education programs.

Applicable College Majors
Undergraduate, graduate, post graduate students are encouraged to apply as well as those taking a sabbatical in order to gain field experience. We seek primarily biology, chemistry, zoology, environmental science, ecology, aquaculture, fisheries, animal science, pre-veterinary, education, communications, aquarium management or related majors/minors for our internships. Under-represented groups in the sciences are encouraged to apply [Black, Hispanic, Native American and Pacific Islander].

Internship Financial Information
Internships are unpaid. However a limited scholarship program is available. Mote provides assistance in locating housing but interns should plan on spending $75-$100 per week for housing, plus food and entertainment. Interns should arrange for their own transportation due to limited public transportation.

Application Deadline & Contact Information
Mote has a rolling application process, but deadlines apply for scholarship submittals. Summer and scholarship applications should be submitted as soon as possible due to high demand. Additional information regarding Mote, intern opportunities, and applications is available online at, or by contacting:
Dana O’Mara – College Intern Liaison: gro.etomnull@aramoanad. Phone: 941-388-4441, Ext. 462

Mote Marine Laboratory, 1600 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34236
“A non-profit organization dedicated to excellence in marine science”