ESA launches new Journal

Ecosphere to provide online-only, open-access, rapid publication and cover wide range of topics

On August 3, during its 95th Annual Meeting, the Ecological Society of America will officially launch its newest journal, Ecosphere.  Welcoming submissions from all sub-disciplines of ecological science,Ecosphere will provide a rapid-publication, online-only, open-access alternative to the Society’s existing journals, while maintaining the rigorous peer-review standards for which printed ESA journals are renowned.

ESA Ecosphere Journal“The Society is very excited about the potential for Ecosphere,” said ESA President Mary Power.  “It will feature research on all sub-disciplines of ecology and detailed studies of ecosystems and species, and will also publish collaborative research melding ecology with economics, history, philosophy, education, policy, and other branches of knowledge.”

In addition to expanding the breadth and depth of papers published by ESA, a key goal for Ecosphere is rapid publication, with decisions on submissions made within 4-6 weeks of submission and papers published in a matter of days.  Papers will not be copyedited—authors will bear this responsibility.  All papers will be open-access—fully available to any interested online readers—and from the outset will be assigned DOIs.  Since the journal will have no subscriptions, authors who are ESA members will pay a one-time fee of $1250 in lieu of page charges (non-members will pay $1500).  The journal will feature color figures, graphs, charts and photographs.

“It’s been seven years since ESA launched its journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment,” said ESA Executive Director Katherine McCarter.  “We believe the time is right to add to the Society’s excellent portfolio of journals and are optimistic that Ecosphere will offer the scientific community an additional excellent vehicle to convey critical research to a larger readership.”

Until an Editor-in-Chief is chosen, Ecology EIC Don Strong will serve as interim EIC, with assistance fromEcology Co-Editors Aaron Ellison and Joe Yavitt.

The Society encourages graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to volunteer their services as reviewers for Ecosphere papers.

ESA members attending the Pittsburgh Annual Meeting can learn more about Ecosphere by coming to the brown bag lunch highlighting the new online journal on August 3, 2010 from 11:30 AM – 1:15 PM, 305, David Lawrence Convention Center.  After the August 3rd launch, additional information about the new journal will be available on the ESA website.