New ESA podcasts page

The ESA podcasts page has been revamped!  Check out the new look for your favorite ESA podcasts on the new ESA podcasts page. Or, if you’re an ESA podcast newbie,  here’s the rundown of the three series:

Beyond the Frontier features interviews with the authors publishing in the ESA journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. The authors to discuss – in their own words – their research, related implications, and/or new developments in their field.

The Ecologist Goes to Washington explores the role of ecological science in public policy. This podcast features the stories and reflections of scientists who have engaged their local, state, or federal governments in addressing the broader implications of their research.

Field Talk focuses on the experiences of authors who have published in three of ESA’s journals: Ecology, Ecological Applications and Ecological Monographs. Science is about more than just results, and behind every ecologist are stories of time spent in the field or at the bench. Join them on their adventures in the name of science.