Tyler Prize nominations open

The information below was submitted by Sue Anderson of the University of Southern California.

The 2010 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, an international award that honors achievements and contributions in the fields of environmental science, protection, energy and medicine, is now open for nominations. The deadline is September 15. The winner will receive a gold medallion and a $200,000 cash award.

The 2009 Tyler Prize was awarded to Richard B. Alley, The Pennsylvania State University and V. Ramanathan of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California.  Alley and Ramanathan were recognized for their research on anthropogenic global change, including oceanic, glacial and atmospheric phenomena.

The Tyler Prize Executive Committee would like to extend an invitation to you to submit a nomination for the 2010 Tyler Prize; please see the requirements for nominations.

For more information on the Tyler Prize please visit the Tyler Prize web site or contact the Tyler Prize office at (213) 740-9760 or ude.csunull@zrprelyt.

The winners will be announced in April 2010.