ESA Blog Revamped

Hear ye, hear ye, friends of ecology! I’m pleased to announce that the ESA blog is taking a new direction, has a new look, and has a new name. Meet EcoTone.

For the past two years, ESA News and Views has served as a forum for voicing ideas about the science and practice of ecology and its associated research, education, policy and management components. Now we’d like to expand the ESA blog in two ways.

The importance of ecological science is becoming more apparent by the day as many of the world’s current major crises — climate change, invasive species, sustainable energy — deal with ecology. Accordingly, it’s increasingly important to communicate our work to the public.

Along that vein, we’ll first expand on our current blog theme by including regular updates and summaries of ecology and ecologists in the news. So, if you read about ecological research in the mainstream media and it makes you excited (or curious, or disappointed, or inspired, or incensed…), be sure to let EcoTone know at gro.asenull@golbase. Better, yet, if your own research has received attention in the media or in some public outlet, we want to hear from you!

And second, in the age of “web 2.0”, EcoTone will be full of photos, audio, video and other media that help illustrate who we are and what we do. If you have a thought-provoking example of ecology in the news and can demonstrate it with media, please send it our way.

As always, we welcome comments and respectful, open discussion. Please add us to your bookmarks and check back regularly for updates.

Cheers, and thanks for reading EcoTone.

Christine Buckley, EcoTone moderator