Welcome to the Ecological Society of America’s Blog

We look forward to your sharing information and ideas about the science of ecology and its many applications on our new blog. Since our first meeting in 1915, the ESA has grown from 300 to nearly 10,000 members. The timely exchange of views remains a priority for the ESA and initiation of this blog continues our long tradition of electronic communication among members of the ecological community. The ESA was among the first professional societies to make our archived journals available online through J-STOR. We also provide archived data sets on our web site. We encourage individual members and libraries to use online versions of our journals Ecology, Ecological Applications, and Ecological Monographs, as well as to explore diverse issues in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, our series on Issues in Ecology, and the online ESA Bulletin. With our new blog, the world is again growing much smaller as we expand our web-based conversations about ecology.

Ecologists need independent and creative electronic communication. The early development of ECOLOG-L, an electronic bulletin board, generated a great deal of discussion about ecology. David Inouye at the University of Maryland initiated the ECOLOG-L in 1992, and it now has more than 6,000 subscribers. David is the current ESA Secretary and continues to moderate ECOLOG-L. We expect the ESA blog to complement this bulletin board and to grow rapidly as a meeting place to explore emerging views about ecology and related environmental sciences.

The need for creative solutions to our many environmental problems continues to increase and the ESA is dedicated to help meet these challenges. The ESA blog will provide you with a wide array of dialogues, news, information, and question-and×?’answer exchanges. We look forward to learning about your interests in ecology and how the ESA can continue to represent you. We would like you to take full advantage of our many opportunities for workshops, annual meetings and dissemination of information on a wide range of ecological research, education, and public-policy outreach activities. We emphasize the importance of local, regional and international communication and encourage you to learn more about our many activities that are represented on our website. If you are not already a member, please consider joining the ESA.

Best regards,

Alan P. Covich

ESA President (2006-2007)