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Vegetation Classification Panel Call for Nominations

The Vegetation Classification Panel of The Ecological Society of America is seeking nominations for membership.

The Vegetation Classification Panel is seeking members to help us provide impartial scientific expertise to agencies, individual partners, and researchers in support of the development and use of a science-based national vegetation classification system.

Panel members are part of a collaborative effort that:

  • Advances standards for peer review of the U.S. National Vegetation Classification (NVC) to facilitate improvements in classification methods and in the scope and quality of data,
  • Fosters and coordinates research in vegetation classification and the use of the NVC for understanding vegetation patterns and dynamics,
  • Supports applications of the NVC for management and conservation, research, and education objectives, and
  • Promotes national and international understanding of North American vegetation as a component of ecosystems that sustain the biosphere.

To learn more about the Panel, please visit our website.

Persons nominated for the Panel should have sufficient training and experience in vegetation science to be considered professional ecologists, willingness to contribute to the classification’s ongoing development, and expertise in one or more focal areas of the United States National Vegetation Classification (USNVC), such as: plot data collection, analysis, and contributions to the NVC; database management and archiving approaches; communication and outreach to users and the public; or applications of vegetation classification to conservation and land management.

The Panel is particularly seeking persons with interest(s) in:

  • Refining and upgrading the Panel’s VegBank database to help meet global needs for access to high-resolution vegetation plot data.
  • Developing communications tools and providing consultation with respect to the NVC’s goals and applications in a complex multi-stakeholder environment.
  • Applying advanced analytical techniques that can rapidly advance the content of NVC and its utility.

Appointments shall be effective on August 1 of the year of appointment, or on the date of the start of the annual meeting of ESA if that should occur earlier.

The nomination deadline is June 5, 2020. Please complete all fields in the form, including the statement of interest (no more than 300 words) and a 2-page biosketch.

USNVC Nomination Form
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