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Committee Nominations

For nominations to the Governing Board and Board of Professional Certification, see this form

ESA is seeking nominations for individual members to join several of the Society’s standing committees for terms of three years beginning in August 2024.

To serve on an ESA committee is to make an important, lasting contribution to the Society and to the field of ecology. It is a tremendous opportunity to develop leadership skills, connect with colleagues from around the world and advance your career. 

Nominations, including self-nominations, are currently open for seats on the following committees. ESA welcomes and encourages nominations that reflect the diversity of the Society’s membership. Nominations for each committee role must be submitted individually.

Committees Seeking Nominations

The new Emerging Ecological Issues Committee seeks to advance the Society’s mission and goals through identifying and publicizing research opportunities, needs and priorities in ecology.

ESA seeks nominations for several subcommittees of the Awards Committee as well as a new chair for the committee and its Award Nominations Subcommittee. Any member interested in building their service experience is encouraged to self-nominate for the Awards Committee.

ESA also seeks nominees for Program Chair to join the Meetings Committee for the 2026 Annual Meeting, and one additional committee member. Meetings currently have two Program Chairs.

The Publications Committee works on behalf of the Governing Board to advance the Society’s mission and goals through the dissemination of scholarly research via the journal publication program.

The Professional Ethics Committee works to advance the Society’s mission and goals by maintaining and enforcing ethical standards for ecologists. The Committee is responsible for reviewing ethical issues of concern to members of ESA and keeping the members informed about these issues.

The Diversity Committee advises ESA on the development of programs to enhance recruitment, training, and retention of underrepresented and marginalized groups in the ecological sciences, and to encourage equitable treatment and representation of people of all genders, ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds.

The Education Committee guides and helps to implement ESA’s efforts to promote excellence in ecology education at all levels, support the recruitment and retention of a diverse community of ecologists in a variety of career paths, and facilitate collaborations across the ESA community to amplify education and engagement initiatives. The committee in particular seeks graduate students, early career scientists and private sector ecologists with an interest in helping to shape programs that meet the changing job landscape in ecology.

The 4DEE Subcommittee works to facilitate the knowledge, understanding, and use of Four Dimensional Ecology Education (4DEE) concepts by ESA members and others.  Members will serve a three-year term. The subcommittee meets monthly and is active at the ESA meeting and other venues.  Nominations are received at the 4DEE website here.

The Nominations Committee is responsible for identifying candidates for elected offices in ESA; it always includes 2 members of the Society appointed by the President to facilitate inclusive candidate identification.

The Historical Records Committee is charged with the conservation of the history of ESA and the science of ecology, from the private materials of eminent ecologists to the ongoing activities of our sections and chapters.

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