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Committee Nominations

ESA is seeking nominations for individual members to join several of the Society’s standing committees for terms of varying lengths. (See current committee rosters here.)

To serve on an ESA committee is to make an important, lasting contribution to the Society and to the field of ecology. It is a tremendous opportunity to grow within the organization, developing networking and leadership skills that can facilitate further service opportunities, and advance one’s career.

Nominations are currently open for seats on the following committees. ESA welcomes and encourages nominations that reflect the diversity of the Society’s membership.

Committees Seeking Nominations

The Awards Committee is responsible for selecting candidates for all honorary awards of the Society and for recommending candidates for other awards for which ecologists may be eligible. Subcommittees are established for specific sets of awards as described here. Awards Committee members will also chair subcommittees; a full list is available here. Currently, ESA is seeking nominations to join the Eminent Ecologist, Mercer and Odum awards subcommittees.

The Committee on Diversity and Education guides and helps implement the Society’s efforts to promote excellence in ecology education at all levels, develop programs that enhance recruitment, training and retention of women and minorities in the ecological sciences, and create a scientific environment that embraces diversity and allows all professionals to flourish. Nominations due Sept. 5.

Additionally, with the endorsement of the 4D Ecology Education (4DEE) framework by the ESA Governing Board, the Committee on Diversity and Education plans to form a subcommittee to oversee its implementation. Individuals from a broad variety of backgrounds who can shape and advance the 4DEE implementation plan are welcome to apply. Learn more; also note that this role has a separate application. Nominations due Sept. 5.

ESA Committee Nominations

ESA Committee Nominations

To apply/nominate for the 4DEE Implementation Subcommittee, please do so here.