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2023 Candidate Damian Preziosi

Damian Preziosi
Managing Principal
Integral Consulting Inc.

Candidate for: Member of the Governing Board

For 25 years I have been a practicing ecologist driven to better inform environmental policy, regulation and decision making. In the early years of my career, I had a science and policy fellowship at the Library of Congress. While there I worked in support of emerging federal legislation to protect essential fish habitats in our oceans. Then, for the last two decades, I have worked as an environmental consultant applying the same types of ecology and regulation know-how to ensure the protection of fish and other marine life throughout the U.S. and internationally. This includes using ecosystem-level models to better inform policies for achieving sustainable fishing practices in the U.S., South America and Asia. My most recent work involves the development of agent-based models to evaluate how offshore wind projects may influence fish behavior. This work is helping to address the critical need for ecologists to be at the forefront of the energy transition while continuing to protect our ocean ecosystems. In an ever-increasing landscape where credible science is being challenged, ecologists are needed now more than ever at the front line of how policy will shape our planet’s future. When not working in the ocean sciences, I spend my time with family and friends surfing, sailing and fishing along the Eastern Shore of Maryland where I call home.

What interests, experience or skills would you bring to this position?

I am hopeful to have the opportunity to share the learned experiences and perspectives from a career of integrating science with decision making. Making a career as an ecologist in the consulting environment has given me the unique experience of implementing meaningful change by working with both public and private organizations. I have had the pleasure and fortune to serve two consecutive terms on ESA’s Board of Professional Certification, with the latter serving as Chair (2013-2019). I bring my business management experience from serving on the Board of Directors for Integral Consulting Inc. (2014-2022), an environmental consulting company of over 200 people. At Integral, I presently serve as a Managing Principal and Director of Strategic Initiatives where I manage an annual investment portfolio for initiatives targeting emerging technical areas such as energy transition, the Blue Economy, ESG, and climate resiliency. I bring volunteerism experience from my time serving on the Board of Directors of Point of Rocks, a 501[c]3 cultural and ecological conservation organization (2002-2006).  I also regularly volunteer and have provided support to a variety of nonprofits, including Surfrider, Keepers of the Beach, Maryland Maritime Foundation, and the Waterkeeper Alliance.

How would you support ESA’s mission? How would you plan to promote DEIJ in ESA membership and activities if elected?

By serving on ESA’s Governing Board I’ll work to support the Society’s core mission in advancing science, the practice of ecology, and the support of ecologists throughout their careers.  I believe this mission can only be realized through greater inclusion of ideas and diversity in our backgrounds, with tolerance and mutual respect.  As a Member of the Governing Board, I will ensure the Society’s commitments to expanding in number and human diversity are met, and that we as a community of ecologists bring to bear participation of diverse experiences in science. While the Governing Board’s role is to support and hold accountable the Society towards its mission, each aspect of the Society’s governance must be viewed relative to the need to dismantle structural barriers to participation in both the Society and the scientific profession. Lastly, I will continue to work as in my past role as Chair of the Board of Professional Certification to fully encourage, support, and accept a variety of career paths and backgrounds for ecologists in the U.S. as well as from the international community.