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2021 ESA Governance Redesign: Proposed Bylaws Changes

In 2019, a special subcommittee of the ESA Governing Board reviewed the Society’s governance processes with the goal of creating a structure that would better serve the large, complex, professionally managed society ESA has become. The first round of changes to ESA’s governance took effect in March 2020, following a vote by the membership to dissolve the old constitution and approve the new bylaws.

Since then, the Governance Subcommittee has continued its work with the goal of creating a more responsive, representative, strategic, and inclusive governance structure. After studying the purpose, composition and relationships of ESA’s different leadership groups—Governing Board, Council, committees, and sections and chapters—they proposed a second round of changes:

Together, these proposed changes create greater alignment around the Society’s strategic focus and create leadership development pathways throughout the Society.

The Governing Board endorsed the following changes proposed by the Governance Subcommittee at the May 2021 Board meeting:

  1. Reconstitute Governing Board without disciplinary vice presidents
  2. Align committees into board, program, and administrative committees with appropriate reporting and supervising lines
  3. Refresh committee processes—how committees are charged, who creates committees, committee report out to the Council
  4. Redefine the purpose and structure of Council

Because these recommendations require changes to bylaws, they will now advance to the Council for a formal vote on July 30. We want to ensure that all members have an opportunity to share their perspective in advance of that vote. We have compiled the following materials to help you fully understand the recommendations and proposed bylaws changes:

We encourage and welcome your feedback on the form below by June 18 and your attendance in a special Q&A session with Governance Subcommittee Chair Evan DeLucia on June 21.

2021 ESA Governance Proposal Feedback