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2021 Candidates for Election

The 2021 ESA election will open on Sept. 20 and close on Oct. 29. ESA members are electing leaders for offices on the Governing Board and Board of Professional Certification who will take office in 2022. (Note: This page originally listed an incorrect end date for the election; this information has been updated.)

To vote, check your email for additional instructions from ESA. Survey & Ballot Systems will again administer the election. To assure that your election-specific broadcast email arrives safely in your inbox on Sept. 20, simply add ten.etovtceridnull@ylperon as an approved sender in your email client, or ask that your institution’s IT department whitelist emails from If you do not receive your election email by Sept. 21, please contact ten.etovtceridnull@troppus.

The Nominations Committee has put forward this slate of individuals who have accepted their candidacy. Please see this page for a deeper explanation of each of these roles.


  • Shahid Naeem, Columbia University
  • Jonathan Levine, Princeton University


  • Brian Silliman, Duke University
  • Emilio Bruna, University of Florida

Vice President for Science

  • Diane Pataki, University of Utah
  • Bala Chaudhary, Dartmouth College

Member At-large

Two seats are up for election

Seat 1

  • Kelly Ramirez, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Seat 2

  • William Pockman, University of New Mexico
  • Jay Lennon, Indiana University

Board of Professional Certification

Two seats are up for election

Seat 1

  • Susan Sherrod, Biohabitats Inc.
  • Kym Rouse Holzwart, Southwest Florida Water Management District

Seat 2

  • Justin Compton, Springfield College
  • Mateo Scoggins, City of Austin, Texas

Congratulations to the candidates, and thanks to all who entered the nominations process!