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Discussion Panel on Diversity and Inclusion

Monday, 2:00 – 3:00 PM Eastern, August 3, 2020 

Meeting Registration is required. Please visit to sign up

Committing to Diversity: Perspectives of Inclusivity

Promoting and supporting diversity across areas including gender, age, race, professional sectors, and scientific disciplines plays a key role in advancing scientific understanding . The 2020 diversity luncheon presentation will explore definitions of diversity within science by providing three speakers with an opportunity to reflect on their unique experiences in committing to diversity. Each presenter will speak about what diversity means within their respective professions in an effort to help the audience understand how people view the commitment to diversity from multiple perspectives.

Panel Moderator

Dr. Pamela Templer, Boston University
ESA Vice President, Education and Human Resources

Pamela H. Templer is an ecosystem ecologist and professor at Boston University who focuses on plant-microbial interaction and their effect on carbon exchange and nutrient cycling. She is also interested in examining how urban ecosystems function, how human actions influence nutrient cycling, atmosphere-biosphere interactions, and other ecosystem processes.



Dr. Fushcia-Ann Hoover

 Dr. Aramati Casper

James, Rattling Leaf, Sr



Where: Zoom 

When:  8/3/2020

Dr. Fushcia-Ann Hoover

Dr. Fushcia-Ann Hoover is an urban social-ecological post-doctoral researcher at the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center. Her research focuses on exploring the relationships between environmental justice and urban planning in the context of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) and green space design. Through her work, she seeks to develop new applications for acknowledging and honoring the human to environment connection.

Dr. Aramati Casper

Dr. Aramati Casper is a research scientist at Colorado State University and the Mountain Studies Institute. Aramati’s current research ranges from diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice (DEIJ) projects focused on DEIJ-informed undergraduate curriculum in STEM, to a long term limber pine planting project that will help provide tools for more resilient forest management. Aramati’s education work currently focuses on integrating DEIJ material into technical STEM courses, which are often presented as “apolitical” and detached from their social contexts.

James, Rattling Leaf, Sr

James, Rattling Leaf, Sr. serves as a Cultural Engagement Consultant. He serves as a primary resource to the Federal Government, Higher Education Institutions and Non-Profits for developing and maintaining positive working relationships with federally and non-federally recognized Indian tribes, Tribal College and Universities and Tribal Communities. He was born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and is an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.