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Paleoecology Section

Edward S. Deevey Award

The Paleoecology Section of the Ecological Society of America has established the Edward S. Deevey Award to honor Deevey’s efforts and dedication in fostering the highest quality of graduate student research in paleoecology. An award of $300 is given for the best presentation of paleoecological research by a graduate student at the ESA Annual Meeting. Occasionally, a runner-up is also chosen. Paleoecology is defined to include studies that use sedimentary, paleontological, historical, or retrospective archives and proxy records to describe and interpret ecological patterns and processes at all time scales.

Criteria For Consideration

A candidate for the award must be the sole or first author of the submitted abstract, and must prepare and be the presenter of an oral paper or poster at the ESA Annual Meeting. The candidate must be a graduate student or have completed a masters or doctoral degree not more than 9 months before the presentation. The presentation must describe the research used for the graduate degree; evaluation criteria are similar to those used for the ESA Buell and Braun Awards. A student can apply several times in consecutive years as long as s/he meets the above qualifications and has not won the award before.

The deadline for applications is August 1.

Please email or send the completed application form (Word or PDF) and a copy of your abstract to the Deevey Award Committee Chair at moc.liamgnull@drawayeveeD