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ESA Honoree Information Submission

ESA is so incredibly grateful to have scientists like you as part of our Society. We recognized your important work and its impact — now help us to spread the word far and wide.

To better educate the membership and general public about ESA’s awards and fellows programs, and to better recognize those we’ve honored, we are embarking on a campaign to more regularly highlight winners and share more about them as people as well as scientists.

Please complete the following form to be included in this effort. If you participate, you will:

  • Have a biographical feature similar to this one added to the ESA website
  • Be featured in an upcoming membership newsletter
  • Be included in a social media awareness campaign

Get in touch with ESA’s awards program if you have any questions.

ESA Member Honors Recognition Submission
By checking this box, you consent to having your name, likeness and information about this honor shared with the ESA membership and general public by ESA *