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Biogeosciences Section Award

Junior Scientist Outstanding Publication Awards

The ESA Biogeosciences Junior Scientist Outstanding Publication awards were initiated in 2007 to promote young scientists and highlight outstanding work in the field. The Elizabeth Sulzman Award recognizes research conducted while a graduate student, and published within two years of graduation.  The Gene E. Likens Award recognizes work conducted by an early career scientist (within five years of receiving a Ph.D.) for work conducted after the completion of graduate school.

Each year, the awards are presented to the first author of a notable paper in the biogeosciences that was published between January of the previous year and May of the current year. To be considered for these awards, the paper must have been assigned a DOI.

The winner of each award will receive a $250 cash prize and formal recognition by ESA. We also award an honorable mention prize within each category.


Nominees should be members of ESA, and are encouraged to be members of the Biogeosciences section. Nominations for each award should include the following (self-nominations are permitted):

  1. The paper’s citation and a pdf
  2. The first author’s current contact information
  3. A statement of eligibility (e.g. current grad student, or postdoc < 5 yrs from Ph.D.)
  4. A short letter in support of the nomination from a colleague or advisor (sent separately from above materials unless also submitting the nomination itself)

We note that while self-nominations are entirely appropriate, the above process does not require that a potential awardee be a part of the process. This, in part, is why we are asking for a statement in support of the nomination from a colleague or advisor.

A panel of scientists representing a broad array of disciplines within the biogeosciences will then evaluate the submissions and decide upon the winning entries. Award winners will be notified in advance of the Pittsburgh meeting, and the awards will be presented at the section mixer at the annual meeting. Winners of each prize will be encouraged to attend the meeting!

Please direct nominations and any questions to Jennie Mclaren(moc.liamgnull@neralcm.einneJ). We encourage members to contribute to the nomination process so that we can have an excellent and diverse pool of entries to consider.

Nominations for 2014 awards will be accepted until June 21, 2014.

Best Student Presentation Award

We will also present an award for the best talk presented by a graduate student. To be eligible, the work must have been conducted while a graduate student. The winner will receive a $500 cash prize and formal recognition by ESA. This award is generously sponsored by New Phytologist.

To apply for this award, email your name, presentation title, and presentation time (if available) to Jennie McLaren (moc.liamgnull@neralcm.einneJ). Information must be received by June 21, 2014 to be considered for this award.