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Biodiversity Faculty Mentoring Network

Biodiversity Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN): A joint initiative of ESA’s Transforming Ecology Education to 4D Project (TEE) and Biodiversity Literacy for Undergraduate Education (BLUE)

The applications for the Biodiversity FMN are now open.

A stipend of $1000 is available for participants who complete all requirements

Funding support comes from the National Science Foundation.

Full details including the anticipated schedule can be found on the Biodiversity FMN Page hosted on the QUBES website.

The Ecological Society of America’s (ESA) Transforming Ecology Education to 4D (TEE) project is teaming up with BioQuest/QUBESHub and the Biodiversity Literacy in Undergraduate Education (BLUE) Network to host a Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN) in Fall 2022. The TEE Biodiversity FMN aims to help educators adapt their data-centered teaching modules for undergraduate courses to incorporate the Four-Dimensional Ecology Education (4DEE).

How to Apply:

The FMN is open to all to apply. Participants of the BLUE Data Network as well as faculty with existing education resources related to teaching biodiversity data will have priority consideration.

Click the link below to view the application form. Space is limited, only 9 participants will be selected.

Apply Here!

Applications are due June 24, 2022.



If you have questions, please feel free to contact