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4DEE Subcommittee Applications

Call for 4DEE Subcommittee Applications

To be considered, please submit your application by June 18, 2021.

With the recent endorsement of the 4DEE Framework by the ESA Governing Board, the Committee on Diversity and Education (CDE) formed a subcommittee to oversee its implementation.  In August, 2021, the 4DEE subcommittee will function under the auspices of the newly formed Education Committee.

The 4DEE Subcommittee shall consist of nine (9) members each serving a five (5) year term. Terms shall be staggered to insure continuity.  To establish a committee with overlapping terms, initial appointments to the subcommittee will include five individuals for a period of three years and four for a period of five years.

CDE is seeking individuals from a broad variety of backgrounds who can shape and advance the 4DEE implementation plan to be part of the 4DEE Subcommittee. We expect the subcommittee to reflect a wide diversity in teaching experience (from none to extensive), stages of career,  demographic diversity and disciplinary interest. Previous  involvement in the development, review and/or other engagement of the 4DEE framework is a plus.


Purpose of 4DEE Subcommittee

The purpose of the 4DEE Subcommittee is to facilitate the knowledge, understanding, and use of 4DEE concepts by ESA members and others. To that end, the committee will

  1. Seek information, concerns, and suggestions from the full range and all levels of (K-12, undergraduate, graduate, professional) the ecological and environmental community with regard to 4DEE concepts, format, presentation, and assessment.
  2. Review and evaluate 4DEE associated materials, websites, and contents to ensure that these reflect current understanding and practice.
  3. Facilitate and coordinate 4DEE activities with particular attention to meetings, workshops, conferences, and publicity.

Specific tasks may include, among others, establishing:
A strategic plan outlining how the committee will address issues of promotion, implementation,  oversight, regular review, and updating of 4DEE materials. Specific tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  • Oversight of 4DEE activities, including:
    ▪ Approval of ESA posted materials
    ▪ Review and approval of continuing education workshops
    ▪ Tracking access and use of posted materials
    ▪ Review and updating of posted materials
  • Post course syllabi and case studies illustrating the use of the 4DEE approach
  • Provide links to “lab” and “field” 4DEE exercises
  • Work with authors of biology and ecology texts to integrate the 4DEE framework into new editions
  • Develop rubrics, along with other assessment and evaluation tools, to foster and facilitate implementation and evaluation

To be considered for the subcommittee, please submit your application  by June 18, 2021


Please contact Jessica Johnston, ESA Education Coordinator