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Invitation to ESA Committees, Sections and Chapters

July 2018

The Task Force appointed by the ESA Committee on Diversity and Education (CDE), 2014-2019, has developed a Four Dimensional Ecology Education (4DEE) Framework  to guide and inspire teaching at the undergraduate level, to support inclusion of ecology in related courses, and to guide professional certification. After several rounds of review and revision, the Task Force plans to present a Resolution to the ESA Governing Board at its November 2018 meeting, asking for its adoption of the Framework and support for future refinement, application and use. The Task Force welcomes feedback from ESA Sections, Chairs and Committees at this time both about the Framework itself and about opportunities and challenges for its use.

A presentation and discussion of the 4DEE Framework [docx] covers the background, rationale, substance, goals and structure, and the value of the 4DEE Framework. This document will serve as the starting point for a paper about the Framework the Task Force is preparing for submission to Frontiers, and for the Resolution we are preparing for the Governing Board. We would be happy to provide more information now and/or at the Annual Meeting. A member of the Task Force could, for instance, participate in your business meeting. In addition, there are a number of opportunities to learn more about the Framework at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Please contact: George Middendorf,