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ESA Staff

Executive Office

  • Executive Director
    Catherine O’Riordan
  • Chief Financial Officer
    Elizabeth Biggs 


  • Associate Director, Information Technologies 
    Thet Oo
  • Information Systems Manager
    Gordon Potter
  • Finance and Accounting Associate
    Aye Thaingi Kyaw 
  • Administrative / Governance Assistant
    George Stephan

Public Affairs Office

  • Director of Public Affairs
    Alison Mize 
  • Public Information Manager
    Heidi Swanson 
  • Public Affairs Manager
    Nicole Zimmerman 

Science Office

  • Associate Director of Science Programs
    Jill Petraglia Parsons 
  • Science Programs Specialist
    Maria Sharova

Education & Diversity Programs

  • Director of Education and Diversity Programs
    Teresa Mourad 
  • Manager of Diversity Programs
    Fred Abbott  
  • Education Programs Coordinator
    Jessica Johnston
  • Diversity Program Assistant
    Esbeiry Cordova-Ortiz

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

  • Editor in Chief
    Sue Silver 
  • Executive Editor
    Peter Mooreside 
  • Assistant Editor
    Sabrina Scull 


  • Director of Publishing
    Zsolt Silberer
  • Peer Review Manager
    Ellen Cotter 
    Anne Marie Whelan 
  • Production Editor
    Heather Carlo 
  • Peer Review Specialist
    Sarah Schneider
  • Peer Review Assistant
    Bradley Walker 


  • Associate Director, Conventions and Meetings
    Christi R. Nam 
  • Meeting Program Associate
    Jennifer Riem  
  • Meetings Assistant
    Danielle Slatkin 
  • Exhibit, Sponsorship, and Advertising Manager
    Wendy Ashburn  


  • Director of Membership and Communications
    Jonathan Miller 
  • Membership Associate
    Hattie Waldron 

Emeritus Staff

  • Executive Director Emeritus:
    Katherine S. McCarter