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Hi ESA students,

The following letter was sent to student members of AGU, but they're definitely interested in having ESA students participate too.
Dear student member of AGU:

Interesting Paper on Grad Students vs Employers

Perceptions of Strengths and Deficiencies: Disconnects between Graduate Students and Prospective Employers
On JSTOR here


January 2011 Update from the Student Section

Hello Students of the Ecological Society of America!

We hope you all had a nice winter break with your loved ones and are excited for another year! This e-mail contains important information to keep you all up to date with the workings of the Student Section and all of the many upcoming opportunities, awards, and events at the upcoming 2011 ESA conference in Austin, TX.

Ecosphere encourages your submissions!

Deb Peters (the editor-in-chief of Ecosphere) and Terry Chapin (ESA president), are hoping to promote the new journal ESA is publishing, called Ecosphere. Here's a blurb:

ESA Student Section Announcements - October 2010

Hello Students of the Ecological Society of America,

Please read this e-mail, note the announcements, opportunities, deadlines, and take action.

First of all we would like to thank all of the students for continuing to be part of the ESA community, contributing their research, mentoring students, and getting involved in many of the activities not just at the ESA meeting but also throughout the year. This year, like always, will be full of exciting activities and opportunities for you all to keep the strong student momentum going.

This year’s ESA Student Section board members are:

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