Naupaka Zimmerman (Stanford University)

I am working towards a PhD in Ecology at Stanford as part of the Vitousek Lab. My undergrad degree was in Environmental Science and Public Policy and Social Anthropology at Harvard University. My ecological research during that time was focused on lowland wet forest communities along a substrate age (successional) gradient in Hawaii, with particular focus on how invasive species alter the successional trajectories of these forests. I was also interested in how differing environmental conceptions (scientific, indigenous, business, etc) played out in the construction of public narrative and policy in Hawaii. After graduating, I spent a year in a geochemical oceanography lab reconstructing past climatic trends from oxygen isotope records in marine sulfate and in cores from long-lived tropical tree species. I also spent a year teaching in South Korea before starting grad school. I am broadly interested in the intersection between ecosystem ecology and community assembly patterns, and am currently examining it in the context of endophytic fungal communities via molecular methods.

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