SEEDS-ESA Student Section Liaison: Antonio Cordero (Oregon State University)

My role as a Student Section officer is to develop a closer working partnership with the ESA SEEDS (Strategies for Ecology Education, Development, and Sustainability) program. The ESA SS and SEEDS programs have an overlapping mission, namely to encourage the participation of students within the society. I hope to be able to integrate the interests of both groups in order to coordinate activities during ESA events, such as the Annual Meeting. SEEDS serves undergraduates primarily, therefore it is necessary to ensure that these students continue their involvement with the society following graduation. Participating with the SS is a great way to accomplish the latter, and strengthens ESA's commitment to increase and maintain member diversity. I will be the contact person for SS members interested in supporting SEEDS, or in developing ideas to bring both groups together.

I will be completing my BS in Environmental Science in 2009 from Oregon State University and am currently in the process of transitioning into graduate school. My research as an undergraduate was on the spatial dynamics of Kinosternon subrubrum (eastern mud turtle) in relation to gender class, and habitat type. I am currently working with The Nature Conservancy of Oregon in a baseline effort to understand the effects of small mammal disturbance on a threatened remnant prairie plant community. I hope to shift my focus to phylogeography, or population genetics for graduate school.


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