2008 ESA Student Section Poster Contest

Want to win prizes and help spread the word about why students should join ESA and the Student Section? All you have to do is print and post our ESA flyer (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FLYER) in a high visibility area at your school, and send us a photo! Check out the very important rules for submission by clicking on "Read More" or see below. You can also DOWNLOAD THE RULES HERE.

The ESA Student Section and ESA Headquarters developed this contest to encourage students to help us spread the word about why students should join ESA and the Student Section. The contest runs from August 11, 2008, 8:00 am, through December 15, 2008, 5:00 pm EST. Winners will be chosen through a lottery.

Posting Rules
The poster must be posted in a high visibility location. If necessary, participants must obtain permission to use the area before posting. No two posters may be within 5 m of each other. The poster cannot be altered from the form it is found in at the website. It must be printed at 8.5 x 11 inches (or near those dimensions). The poster may be posted in either color or grayscale. THE FLYER CAN BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING HERE and THE RULES CAN BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING HERE.

Photo Rules
After posting, have a photo taken of you with the poster. Photo evidence will be submitted by email, and each photo will count as one entry. Photos must be in focus, and the poster must be easily visible. Please save the photo file name with your last name and school along with the entry number. Example: KulaUMaryland1. If possible, use a high resolution format such as TIFF or PNG; GIFs and JPGs will also be accepted.

Entries must be submitted by individuals who are currently members of both ESA and the Student Section. If you are not currently a member of ESA, please visit http://www.esa.org/member_services/join_renew.php to join. If you are not currently a member of the Student Section, please contact Membership Services at membership@esa.org.

Submission Procedure
Send an email to ESAposter@gmail.com with your name and school in the subject line. Within the email body, list your name, school, description of the poster’s location and why you think posting it there will help to increase membership. Attach your photo to the message. Only one photo per message. Each student is allowed only five entries.

1st Prize: Gift certificate to REI outdoor outfitter
2nd Prize: Paid meeting registration
3rd Prize: Paid ESA and Student Section membership

Best of luck to all entrants!