Secretary: Johanna Delgado-Acevedo (Texas A & M)


I grew up in Adjuntas, a small town in the central mountainous zone of Puerto Rico. I went to college at the University of Puerto Rico-Cayey, and had my first research experience there. I got very interested in working with amphibians of Puerto Rico at the University of Puerto Rico in the Tropical Biology Program. I conducted my master’s thesis studying the effects of habitat quality on the morphology of Puerto Rican amphibians. In addition I have been working during the last 13 years in communitarian activities creating strategies for the biological conservation of the Central Region of Puerto Rico in a grassroots community organization (CasaPueblo) that accomplishes cultural, historical and natural resources conservation of Puerto Rico. Currently I am a PhD student at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, Texas A & M University- Kingsville. My project will use a combination of genetic techniques and GIS to investigate landscape-scale patterns of feral pigs’ population structure. Upon graduation, I hope to continue working in wildlife conservation in sub-tropical and tropical regions.


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