Vice Chair: Kika Tarsi (U of Colorado)

As the Vice-Chair, I am training to serve as the Chair of the Student Section next year. I work with all of the officers to help fundraise, coordinate endorsed symposia, organize social and educational events, and grow Student Section membership.

My research explores the mechanisms behind the curious and often unexpected responses of populations to habitat fragmentation. My work is based within the Wog Wog Fragmentation Experiment in New South Wales, Australia. Wog Wog was established in 1985 to quantify the effects of habitat fragmentation on biodiversity and offers a rare opportunity to study extinction dynamics in a controlled, replicated experimental setting.

Currently, I am using a common garden skink (Lampropholis guichenoti) as a focal species, but much of my work expands to the entire trophic system in which they are a part. While my work centers on habitat fragmentation, I dabble in all sorts of related topics: 1) thermoregulation potential in various habitat types, 2) temperature-dependent sex determination in altered landscapes, 3) morphometric responses to habitat structure, and 4) the influence of landscape structure on interactions across trophic levels.



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