EcoArt Festival Director: Jessica Shade (UC Berkeley)

I research how the adaptive processes behind the evolution of self pollination can affect large-scale restoration and conservation efforts. I am also dedicated to researching communication, environmental education, and social equity and inclusion in the sciences. I work with several organizations, such as Building Diversity in Science; Puente; the Biology Scholars Program; and Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability to mentor under-represented students in the sciences. I also founded and currently direct the Graduate Student Instructor Diversity Mentorship Program, which aims to instruct Graduate Students on inclusive teaching practices, as well as the Research Dissemination Collaboration, a graduate student group that uses art to communicate current scientific research to the public.

As the director for the EcoArt festival I hope to increase public interest in ecological issues through the creative communication of science. The EcoArt festival is a unique synthesis of art and science that acts to humanize ecology while providing a creative outlet for current scientists. Using art as a tool for scientific discussions will enable individuals from a broad array of backgrounds to connect with environmental issues and natural areas that they might not otherwise be aware of.

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