Chair: Roberto Salguero-Gomez (UPenn)

I am currently working towards my PhD in desert plant ecology at the University of Pennsylvania. Born in Seville (Spain), majored in Environmental Sciences by Universidad de Cadiz. My first experience abroad took place during my Masters in Environmental Sciences at Kingston University of London; there, I used mathematical models to predict time to extincion and total take-over of endangered and invasive species. After that, I went to Vienna where I carried out a project on plant island biogeography at Wien Universitat. Later on, I came back to Spain and collaborated in a project on habitat fragmentation at Universidad de Sevilla.

My interests in plant science are pretty broad: I am overall interested in the ecological strategies that make it possible for plant species to survive and thrive in arid environments. I am taking several approaches to this end: from ecophysiology, using dye and isotope tracking, to demography, utilizing mathematical models based on field data collected in the Great Basin desert (Utah).


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