News from ESA for Students attending ESA 2012 in Portland

In our effort to make this year’s ESA annual meeting more meaningful for students, we have compiled a list of highlighted events for students that you can download here. Here are a few quick highlights:

  1. ESA will launch its new mentor event after the Sunday Plenary, during the Welcome Reception. If you are a student, and would like to connect with ecologists in your field of interest for the annual meeting, go to the Mentor area at the reception, where you will find tables for each ESA section. The mentors at the tables will be easy to spot since they will all be wearing a large ESA Mentor button. This event will be held Sunday, August 5 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm outside the Oregon Ballroom, at the Oregon Convention Center.

  2. We have also organized two workshops for students.

    • WK 12 held on Sunday morning at 8am, held in OCC E141
      • Getting ahead in grad school: Game-changing avenues to getting the right fellowship, postdoc, and leadership experiences
      • Registration cost: $10
    • WK 19 held on Sunday afternoon at 12:30pm, held in OCC, D137
      • Getting ahead in the postdoc: Game-changing avenues to getting the right job and setting yourself up for success in the postdoc and beyond
      • Registration cost: $10
    • Both workshops are geared toward students interested in graduate school and how to be successful in the postdoc. If you are interested in registering for these workshops and you have already registered for the meeting, use the supplemental form to sign up for these two exciting and worth-while workshops.