Human Ecology & Urban Ecosystems Sections Liaison: Monica Dorning (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

I am the liaison between the Student Section and both the Urban Ecosystems and Human Ecology Sections. Please feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions regarding any of these sections or communications between them!

I am a PhD student in Geography and Urban Regional Analysis at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I work with Dr. Ross Meentemeyer in the Center for Applied GIScience studying the impacts and drivers of landscape change in the Charlotte Metropolitan Region. My research interests are broadly focused on human environment interactions, landscape change, and urban ecosystem function with the overarching goal of understanding how land use practices can become more sustainable. I am currently involved in the Urban Long Term Research Area Exploratory (ULTRA-Ex) project in Charlotte, where our research group is focused on the socio-ecological interactions that result in the persistence of forested lands within urbanizing areas. Under the umbrella of this project I am studying how land owner decision-making processes influence landscape change. I am also exploring the application of land change modeling for natural resource management and facilitating communication among regional stakeholders regarding conservation issues. Prior to joining the PhD program at UNCC, I attended Wright State University in my home state of Ohio where I studied the ecology of the invasive shrub Lonicera maackii and its impact on plant communities with Dr. Don Cipollini. I also worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Florida monitoring the introduction and spread of pests and disease in citrus trees. In my abundant free time I like to spend time outdoors with my dog, Luna, preferably surrounded by trees and mountains.



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