2007 meeting in San Jose, CA

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Student Section Business Meeting
Joint Annual ESA/SER Meeting, San José, California, USA
August 7, 2007
11:30 am - 1:15 pm
Blossom Hill I

Welcome: Abraham J. Miller-Rushing (Abe), outgoing chair

  1. ESA mission/Student section goals

    1. Communication among
      1. Students
      2. Faculty
      3. ESA in general
    2. Impact ESA with our section (We are planning to have student representatives on ESA public affairs, education, and science committees).
    3. Goals are not static, there is space to change
      1. We need to plan more student events
  2. Budget
    1. $6203.03 used to sponsor events
    2. $3000.00 on this meeting (ESA/SER 2007)

  3. Membership
    1. Currently we have 500 members and we want to increase
  4. 2007 San Jose Meeting
    1. Sponsored sessions
      1. What editors want
      2. How to get funded
      3. How to succeed in Ecology
  5. Funding
    1. Student travel awards to cover the cost of student travel to the annual ESA meetings. 17 grants were awarded this year, and we plan to increase funding for next year.
  6. Activities
    1. New student-centered column in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Submit ideas for an article to Abe Miller-Rushing (abe(at)rmbl.org) to be an author.

New chair presentation: Jenny Talbot

  1. 2007 Elections: New officers!
    1. Jenny Talbot: Chair
    2. Matt Whiteside: Vice Chair
    3. Johanna Delgado-Acevedo: Secretary
  2. New Chair vision/goals for the ESA-Student section
    1. Increase growth of the section
    2. Increase the networking capacity - Memberships and participations
    3. Form new outreach activities - How can we use ecology in and
      out the annual meeting?
    4. Enhance Student Section visibility - Getting the word out
      about the student section
  3. How to reach these goals
    1. Use the Frontiers column
    2. Increase funding for travel grants
    3. Increase student section participation: more volunteers needed!
    4. Maintain ESA meeting activities
    5. New website - planning to launch this fall.
    6. Monthly newsletter - planning to launch this fall.
    7. Education and Ecological Literacy
      1. Organization of symposiums, workshops, and field trips
    8. Student representation on ESA committees
      1. Public affairs
      2. Education
      3. Science
      4. Volunteers
        1. Roberto Salguero-Gómez - network coordinator
        2. David Lebauer - Data sharing initiative
  4. Questions
  5. Q: How much time commitment to sit on a committee?
    A: Fairly small, two meetings a year.

    Q: Who can belong to the student section?
    A: Anyone who is a high school student, undergraduate, graduate student, or postdoc.

    Q: If I want to read an article of a specific topic in Frontiers but don't want/know how to write it?
    A: Writing it would be a good way to learn about something. Ask on the student listserv (ESA-STUDENTS(at)LISTSERV.UMD.EDU), in the new Student Section newsletter, or on the Student Section website for authors

Other potential projects:

  • Student Listserv and ESA listserv
  • Starting a Wiki!
  • Start a Facebook group!
  • Communicating with other students so students can get together
    to travel/talk science/ meet/ do research
  • Regional-Local Chapters
  • Collaboration with SEEDS

**For more information about how to get involved in the ESA Student Section, contact Jenny Talbot via e-mail (jtalbot(at)uci.edu)!

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