Environmental Justice Section Liaison: Tiffany Carey (U of Michigan)

As a student liaison for the Environmental Justice (EJ) section, I will strive to exchange information between the Student Section and the Environmental Justice Section during my term. In addition, I will take part in the decision making process concerning EJ as well as keep members and student representatives abreast with all the new events and ideas within this sector.

I am currently a sophomore undergraduate at the University of Michigan. I am majoring in PITE( Program in the Environment) and Political Science in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts( LSA). My current research is focused on Pollen and Public Health in the urban context, specifically Detroit Michigan. For this project I am investigating whether allergenic pollen concentrations are higher in areas with certain land uses, such as vacant lots. With the high rates of allergies and asthma in urban areas, there is strong evidence that pollen exposure is a contributing factor. I also have a strong interest in citizen science and the collaboration of students in high schools or middle schools to partake in research projects. I think it is imperative for researchers to not only gather data from specific areas but to incorporate people within that area in the data collection or analyzing process. Hence, we collaborated with high school students in Detroit, Michigan to quantify the amount of pollen in several land uses including vacant lots, residential areas and parks. Lastly, I have a true passion for environmental justice issues in underrepresented or minority areas/cities such as Detroit, Michigan.


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