Treasurer, Women & Minorities Committee Member: Casee Lemons (Baylor)

As Treasurer for the Student Section Board, I maintain accurate records of expenses and income, while protecting our funds and assets. It is my duty to ensure financial compliance and financial correspondences with the Ecological Society of America and the Student Section Board. I also assist in the decision making processes regarding student activities.

As Council member of the Women & Minorities Student Section, I collaborate with my fellow council members to bring minority representation and networking opportunities to student of ESA. Being a member of the Cherokee Nation has given me a greater appreciation for all ethnicities in science, and I would like to encourage other minorities to pursue careers in ecology.

I am a Masters Candidate in Geology at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. My topic of research is fern evolution. I am in the process of developing a biomechanical model of leaf economics, via engineering principles, to model plant group responses to ecological environments. This biomehcanical model tool to analyze the ancient environments and ecological niches of fossil ferns. To develop this tool, analyses of extant ferns must be completed. By measuring their modern leaf traits, a mathematical description of their physiological properties is developed which describes the determinant factors of growth within all ferns. This mathematical description will act as a proxy which is applicable to all ferns, spanning time and geography.

I recently completed two fellowships - one for the National Science Foundation East Asia & Pacific Summer Institutes and one for the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I will be graduating from Baylor University with my M.S. in May 2012. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to conduct myself as a research scientist, and look forward to dedicating my time to the Ecological Society of America Student Section.

My goal in life if to contribute significantly as a scientist or a science professional to the Cherokee Nation and the United States of America.


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