2011 meeting in Austin, TX

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ESA-SS Business Meeting
9 August 2011

2010-2011 Officers
Naupaka Zimmerman, Chair
Andrea Kuchy, Vice-Chair (not present)
Jorge Ramos, Secretary
Emma Aronson, Treasurer

Number of attendees: 45

Greetings from the ESA – Student Section of the Ecological Society of America. The ESA annual meeting was a great success, the Student Section was present in many ways, and we are excited that our membership is growing and keeps getting involved.

We would like to update you all on our accomplishments, activities, new officers and future events.

Naupaka Zimmerman, Chair, began the meeting.

Naupaka mentioned the rapid increase of the SS since 2003 and on our way to becoming the largest section with an increasing membership trend. By August 1, 2011, we had a membership of approximately 575 members.

Emma Aronson, Treasurer, reported our solid finances. Mentioned that increasing our membership (only $5) has helped the SS have many events (including those with food and beverages), as well as advertising and otherwise promoting our awards.

Committee Reps
Education and Human Rights Committee (EHRC) rep Aurora MacRae-Crerrar could not attend. Minutes from the EHRC meeting can be found here.
Science Committee representative Andréa Kuchy could not attend. Minutes from the Science Committee can be found here.
Public Affairs Committee representative Cynthia Cheng presented a summary of the committee’s activities:

As the student section liaison to the ESA Public Affairs Committee, I had the pleasure of getting insight into how ESA promotes and address issues important to the ESA member community. The role of PAC is to handle any statement the society wants to make, whether it is with the media or policy makers in DC. They advocate for issues important to ecologists such as science funding, education, and global change issues. I attended PAC meetings where my perspective as a graduate student was valued and I was also able to advocate for issues important to graduate students. During these meetings, we discussed the release of the new ESA policy handbook designed to help ecologists participate in the policy process as well as interact with the media. We discussed the role of the new upcoming ESA policy section as well as the plenary panel at the upcoming ESA conference (August 2011). After these meetings, I was able to report back to the student section any issues that would be important to students (eg. potential fellowships, policy participation, effective communication with the media or policy makers). Being the student liaison for the PAC is a great opportunity to interact with ESA leadership and also senior ecologists interested in effectively promoting the interests of the society.

Naupaka mentioned the efforts of Sydney Glassman, Social Chair in 2011. She organized a regional ESA-SS gathering in the Bay Area at the Cal Academy of Sciences where many students attended. More of this regional ESA-SS meetings are encouraged.

Sean Ryan, the Eco-Stewardship Officer, was unable to attend, but sent a slide with updates on his current Citizen Science Landscape project, and other upcoming work. If anyone is interested in this project, to please contact Sean at sryan6(at)nd.edu

Naupaka mentioned the interest from the ESA Awards Committee to include a student.

ESA is getting ready for their ESA Centennial 2015 Conference. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities.

There is another special committee being formed called the Ecology for the New Generation Committee headed by Dr. Sonia Ortega from NSF. The goal is to advise ESA on how to prepare for the upcoming century and to best meet the needs of the changing demographics of its membership (more than 25% of ESA members are students!).

Peter Søgaard Jørgensen had to leave early for another meeting, but Naupaka introduced INNGE, the International Network for Next-Generation Ecologists and initiative that Peter initiated during this past year. It is an initiative started by early-career ecologists from around the world as a means to connect national ecological societies and promote activities, including awareness of climate change, that are global in scope. For more info see the Web site: www.innge.net.

Naupaka thanked all previous officers and welcomed all new officers. Jorge Ramos, Incoming Chair, mentioned and thanked all people that volunteered to take on the new positions and asked for volunteers to take on the vacant positions (highlighted in red).

2011-2012 Officers and Committees

Chair: Jorge Ramos (Arizona State)
Vice Chair:
Secretary: Dayani Pieri (Northeastern Illinois University)
Treasurer: Casee Lemons (Baylor)
Membership Coordinator: Sandra Dooley (UC Irvine)
Webmasters: Novem Auyeung (Purdue), Naupaka Zimmerman (Stanford)
Public Affairs: Sydney Glassman (Berkeley)
International Affairs: Songling Du (Arizona State)
Women & Minorities Committee Members: Caitlin Ryan (Texas Tech), Ginger Allington (St. Louis), Angela Post (Virginia Tech), Casee Lemons (Baylor)
Environmental Policy Committee Members: Amy Freitag (Duke), Abby Kula (U Of Maryland)
Student Host For ESA '11:
Eco-Art Festival Directors: Caitlin Bailey (T&M CC), Sean Ryan (U Notre Dame)
Enviro Sustainability: Sean Ryan (U Notre Dame)
Undergrad Presentation Awards Coordinators: Russell Auwae (Miami U Of Ohio)

Incoming Liaisons And Reps:

Science Committee Rep: Andréa Kuchy (Oregon State University)
Education and Human Resources Rep: Aurora Macrae-Crerar (UPenn)
Public Affairs Committee Rep: Christine McLaughlin (UPenn)

Action Ecology Officer: Beatriz Otero (UMich)
Awards Committee: C. Alina Cansler (UW)
Biogeosciences: Cynthia Wright (Pacific Northwest National Lab)
Environmental Justice: Tiffany S. Carey (UMich)
Mexico Chapter:
Microbial Ecology: Naupaka Zimmerman (Stanford)
Physiological Ecology: Greg Goldsmith (Berkeley)
Plant Population Biology:
Rangeland Ecology: Brady Allred (Oklahoma State University)
Researchers at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions:
SEEDS Liaisons: Jana Eggleston (Old Dominion), Charissa Jones (Antioch)
South American Chapter:
Theoretical Ecology: Colin Kremer (Michigan State)
Undergraduate Rep:
Urban Ecosystems:
Vegetation Section: Mike Schiebout (Univ of Northern Colorado)

If you are interested in any of the vacant positions, please let the ESA-SS board as soon as possible.

Also, if you would like to become the Liaison between a section-chapter not shown above, please contact us and the section-chapter officer. We will make it work. The more communication between all section-chapters, the better.

The business meeting was adjourned.

Please continue reading below for a list of our awards and our most recent awardees!

2011 ESA Student Section Awards

Travel Awards
- Jessica Corman, Arizona State University
- Camila Pizano, University of Florida
- Patrick Bixier, Colorado State University
- Krista Capps, Cornell University
- Sharon Graham, University of Canterbury
- Guri Roth, Haifa University
- Alejandro Valenzuela, Centro Austral de Investigaciones Cientificas

ESASS/UCS Student Eco-Service Award
- Jessica D. Pratt, UC Irvine

ESASS/UCS Eco-Service Certificate of Merit
- Samir Doshi, Queen’s University
- Greg Goldsmith, UC Berkeley

ESASS/UCS Honorable Distinction in Service
- Ann Marie Gawel, University of Guam
- Jessica Corman, Arizona State University

Outstanding Student Research in Ecology Awards
- Tina Cheng, UC Berkeley
- Honorable Mention: Malin Pinksy, Stanford University
- Colin Averill, UT Austin

Academic Excellence Award for Young Women in Ecology
- Lauren Porensky, UC Davis

2010 Best Undergraduate Presentation Awards
- Anne Winters, University of Southern Mississippi
- Caitlin Ryan, SUNY Geneseo

2011 Best Undergraduate Presentation Awards
- Joshua P. Scholl, Florida Atlantic University
- Chad R. Zirbel, Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, IL

EcoPhoto Awards
- 1st Place: Chris Strohm, Mercyhurst College
- 2nd Place: Jennifer Schmitz, UW, Madison
- 3rd Place: Julie Rushmore, U Georgia
- People’s Choice Award: Caitlin Bailey, Texas A&M Corpus Christie

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