Science Policy Opportunity

Hi ESA students,

The following letter was sent to student members of AGU, but they're definitely interested in having ESA students participate too.
Dear student member of AGU:

You are an AGU member because you want to contribute to advancing our science. Your work in the classroom and laboratory is only one component of that effort. Our community can make progress, in part, because of federal support for scientific research and education. Several science students have written an open letter to federal legislators underlining the importance of federal support to the sciences, even in difficult financial times. I recommend that you read the letter, and if you support it, to sign on. AGU itself issued a press release last week praising President Obama’s pledge during his State of the Union address to strongly support U.S. science. We need all voices to be heard on this important issue.

Signing on to the letter is an opportunity for you to take that first step in political action in support of our sciences, but I hope it won’t be the only one you take. Your involvement in science policy helps the
scientific community. Next steps could include participation in an AGU Congressional Visits Day, a Congressional Science Fellowship, an internship in the AGU Public Affairs Department, contacting your legislators, or following science policy news through our website, social media, and Science Policy Alerts. All of this information is available in more detail here.

Please join me in taking action to shape the future of our science and our community.

Michael J. McPhaden
President, American Geophysical Union