Environmental Sustainability Officer

My goal as the environmental sustainability officer is to develop projects related to environmental stewardship and help facilitate the ideas of other ESA members. If you have a great idea regarding stewardship or sustainability, or would like to get involved in those that already exist, contact me as I would love to work with you on whatever that may be.

Current Projects:
I am currently working with other graduate students to document the “stewardship landscape.” That is, we are in the process of finding out what is being done across the United States to actively evaluate and increase knowledge about the natural world (citizen science) and the organizations funding efforts to reduce environmental degradation.

Future Projects:
I am hoping to acquire funding so that we may be able to support environmental stewardship projects in the future.

I am currently a PhD in the Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Science program at the University of Notre Dame. The majority of my previous research background has been in plant ecology and plant-insect interactions. As an undergraduate I received a degree in Conservation/Organismal Biology with an emphasis in Entomology from San Jose State University. I have also received a M.S. in Ecology from Bowling Green State University where I studied how genotypic variation in the defense chemistry of Arabidopsis thaliana affected the oviposition preference and fitness of Lepidopteran herbivores. Concerned with how human activities are affecting the global environment, at Notre Dame, I am continuing to build upon this knowledge and focus now on how anthropogenic disturbance (e.g., invasive species, climate change) affects plants, insects, and their community interactions. In general, my goal is to determine how anthropogenically-induced perturbations influence the distribution of genomic and phenotypic traits of plants and insects, and how these, in turn, affect their ecology and evolution. Similarly, I would also like to explore factors, natural and/or man-made, that may act to help or hinder an organisms’ ability to adapt to a changing environment.


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