Treasurer: Emma Aronson (U Penn)

I am proud to be the treasurer for the ESA Student Section this year, as I have greatly benefited from this organization in my career so far and look forward to giving back now that I am an officer.

I am a final year graduate student in the University of Pennsylvania Department of Biology, Ecology and Evolution Concentration. I grew up in Philadelphia, went to Montreal to attend McGill University for undergraduate and was thrilled to return to Philadelphia to attend UPenn for my PhD. My graduate takes me to both the field and the lab to use gas exchange, molecular and statistical techniques to understand what environmental factors impact methane flux into and out of the soil of a Pine forest. I have a fellowship from the NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program to work with the Global Modeling group at the Goddard Center to assess what impact observed methane flux relationships might have on global climate. Early research experiences with plants and their mutualistic partners led me towards soil microbial ecology research, and a passion for better understanding biosphere-atmosphere interactions has led me to focus on the methane cycle.

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