International Affairs Officer: Daniel Stanton (Princeton)

Having grown up in France, to American and Mexican-American parents, I have spent my whole life exposed to language and cultural differences. The past 4 years spent working in close collaboration with researchers, students and community members across Latin America have exposed me to part of the wide range of cultural and institutional contexts in which ecology research takes place, and further motivated me to seek ways to bridge those gaps. As the International Affairs Officer, I work to promote international participation in the Student Section and ESA in general. This involves encouraging foreign student applications for travel support and interactions between the Student Section and the various international chapters of ESA.

I am a PhD Candidate with Lars Hedin and Henry Horn. I am working on the ecology of fog-influenced ecosystems. Fog is rarely considered as an important source of water, and yet it constitutes a key input for a wide range of coastal and montane environments. Unlike rainfall, fog-water inputs are closely related to the surface area available to intercept fog, setting up a strong feedback system between vegetation and fog. I am working in "the worlds simplest cloud-forest", the lomas vegetation of the Atacama-Peruvian desert coast. In this area fog supports shrubs, trees and even temperate rainforest patches despite the near absence of rainfall. Besides the spatial patterns of soil moisture and nutrients generated by the plant-fog interaction, I am also examining how epiphytes affect host plant microclimate and water relations.

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