ESA Student Section Announcements - October 2010

Hello Students of the Ecological Society of America,

Please read this e-mail, note the announcements, opportunities, deadlines, and take action.

First of all we would like to thank all of the students for continuing to be part of the ESA community, contributing their research, mentoring students, and getting involved in many of the activities not just at the ESA meeting but also throughout the year. This year, like always, will be full of exciting activities and opportunities for you all to keep the strong student momentum going.

This year’s ESA Student Section board members are:

Naupaka Zimmerman, Chair (naupaka at
Andrea Kuchy, Vice-Chair (alkuchy at
Jorge Ramos, Secretary (jramos10 at

For a more complete list of officers and section liaisons please visit our webpage at

If you are a new officer or liaison, please submit a brief blurb with your research interests, a description of your officer position, and a photo. These materials should be sent to naupaka at and novema at


1. Renew your ESA membership ($27) and your ESA Student Section membership at the same time (only $5!).

2. After you renew or join ESA and the ESA Student Section, please make sure you subscribe to ECOLOG and The ESA Student Listserv (this is not done automatically so make sure you join). These two listservs are a great resource for funding, job opportunities, current discussions and announcements, and sometimes even entertainment ;-)
b) ESA Student Listserv (low volume)

3. The ESA Student Section Business Meeting Notes are now available for you to read in our website.

4. The ESA Student Section organizes several activities during the ESA Annual Meeting. For Austin 2011 we are planning to organize these events and we would like for ESA SS members to volunteer and help us organizing and running events that might of your interest. If you cant help us out, please make sure you attend our events! They are always full of surprises! Please e-mail Naupaka (naupaka at if you would like to help out in some of these events or are looking to get involved in any other way.
a. Student orientation
b. Awards ceremony
c. Business meeting
d. Student mixer
e. Workshops (tentative)
i. Grant writing
ii. Introducing graduate students to the peer review system
iii. Careers inside and outside of academia
iv. Outreach as scholarship
v. Public outreach via photography

5. Deadlines to remember. Remember that students can and should submit proposals and organize workshops, special sessions, and field trips. For more information go the 2011 Austin ESA Annual Meeting website.

**December 2, 2010**
Workshop, special session, and field trip proposals

**Feb 24, 2011**
Abstracts for contributed oral and poster abstracts
Abstracts for symposium, organized oral session, and organized poster presentations.

**May 12, 2011**
Latebreaking poster abstracts.

6. ESA Student Section Online Resources!
a. Website:
b. Facebook page: “ESA Student Section”
c. Twitter: ESA_students

7. ESA Student Section Awards Report

Hot off the press!!
Best Undergraduate Presentation Award 2010
$100 - Cait Ryan
$100 - Anne Winters

The winners of the 2009-2010 Awards are the following:

Travel Awards
$150 - Ajay Sharma
$200 - Jessica Pratt
$250 - Christopher Bowman-Prideaux
$250 - Olga Kildisheva
$200 - Scott Maclvor
$250 - Iracenir Andrade Dos Santos
$350 - Danielle Dixon
$350 - Ciska Veen

Union of Concerned Scientists and ESA-SS EcoService award
$300 - Jorge Ramos

Best Undergraduate Presentation Award 2009
$100 - Haley O'Mara
$100 - Rachel Brewton

Outstanding Student Research in Ecology Award
$75 - Kerry Mauck
$75 - Elise Zipkin
Honorable mention - Carmody McCalley

Academic Excellence Award for Young Women in Ecology
$150 - Jacquelyn Gill
Honorable mention - Jessamyn Manson
Honorable mention - Ariana Sutton-Grier

Eco-film Festival Award
1st ($150) - Natalie Melaschenko, Rebecca Martone and Kristine Metzger
"Kelp, why we otter care"
2nd ($100) - Nancy Adamson
"Bee Pollinators of Southwest Virginia"
3rd ($50) - Clark Dehart
"Topsail turtles"

Eco-film Festival Choice Award
$100 - Natalie Melaschenko, Rebecca Martone and Kristine Metzger
"Kelp, why we otter care"

Eco-photo Festival Award
1st ($150) - Holly Moeller (for photo:"Stoplight Parrotfish")
2nd ($100) - Ethan Welty (for photo: "The Green Balloon")
3rd ($50) - Adam Wilson (for photo: "Leaf Cutter Ants")

Eco-photo Festival Choice Award
$100 - Sean Ryan
(for photo: "Traversing the graduate student landscape: the life of a lonely jumping spider")

Awards and deadlines for the 2010-2011 Awards will be posted as soon as possible so that you all can start preparing yourself to attend the 2011 Annual Meeting and your applications.

Wishing you all much success,

The ESA Student Section Board