2009 ESA Outstanding Student Research Awards

Attention All ESA Students and Faculty,

The ESA Student Section is pleased to sponsor the Second Annual Outstanding Student Research in Ecology Awards program. We will award two students, cash prizes for excellence in research via an outstanding publication. There are awards for both UNDERGRADUATE and GRADUATE research so don't miss out!


ELIGIBILITY AND NOMINATION: At the time of the nomination deadline (SUNDAY MAY 31th), the paper must be published in a peer reviewed journal (2007-2009) and the nominee must be an undergraduate student, a graduate
student, or have received a Ph.D. within the past two years. The nominee must be first author of the paper and be a member in good standing of ESA's Student Section at the time of nomination. Awards will be granted only to Student Section members. To become a student section member, check the appropriate box on your ESA membership form when you renew your ESA membership (http://eservices.esa.org) or email membership@esa.org. Self-nominations and nominations by colleagues are welcomed.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Applications will be reviewed by an Awards Committee appointed by the Officers of the Student Section. Papers will be judged based upon the paper’s contribution to the field, including originality, study design and impact.
Nomination packets should include:

1. A copy of the paper

2. A brief letter describing the impact of the paper on the field and standing the date of completion of the degree if the nominee is no longer a student. ***Make sure to indicate whether the research was completed during undergraduate or graduate tenure***

3. A letter of support from the major professor that also confirms the nominee’s eligibility for the award

4. A CV from the nominee

SUBMITTING APPLICATIONS: Nomination packets should be sent (by May 31th) electronically as pdfs to the Student Section's Secretary, Johanna Delgado-Acevedo, at (johannadelgado@yahoo.com) with the phrase
"Outstanding Student Awards" in the subject line. If you have questions, email Matthew Whiteside (mwhitesi@uci.edu) or Rob Salguero-Gomez (salguero@sas.upenn.edu)

We look forward to your applications,

The ESA Student Section

Chair: Matthew Whiteside
Vice Chair: Rob Salguero-Gomez
Secretary: Johanna Delgado-Acevedo