Help Design Reality-Based Ecology Video Game that Prompts Learning and Care for Natural World

Want to help the average American learn and care more about the fascinating phenomena, behaviors, and inter-relationships of the natural world that prompted you to become an ecologist in the first place?

A student team from University of Southern California graduate schools is designing a gesture-based gardening/ecology game in which the game-play and logics are founded on the mechanics, behaviors and interrelationships of real-world animals, birds, insects and plants. We’re seeking specialists from fields including (but not limited to) botany, ornithology, and entomology willing to collaborate with us and to help us design a fun, high-quality game that teaches, entertains and heightens players’ interest in – and commitment to -- the natural world all at once.

While this is a student project now, some games (e.g. The Adventures of PB Winterbottom, Reflection) developed through this route at USC have received commercial contracts and become commercial games. Thus, work with us might help both your research and you, as an individual, to obtain more attention from broad, non-specialist audiences than they would otherwise receive.

Interested in contributing and/or in learning more about the project? Contact Diane Tucker at diane dot tucker at gmail dot com. I look forward to hearing from you.