Gulf Coast Oil Spill Volunteers Needed

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Volunteers Needed:
To monitor the impact of the BP Oil Spill on wildlife and habitat, the National Wildlife Federation and our state affiliates in the Gulf are organizing and deploying teams of volunteers to observe the more than 10,000 miles of shoreline along the Gulf Coast. Even as we appear close to having a permanent fix for the oil gushing into the Gulf, it's important to remember putting a cap on the oil doesn't put a cap on the problem. We have enormous amounts of work ahead of us and we need you to help restore the Gulf Coast.

National Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Surveillance Network is the only volunteer corps monitoring and recording the impact of the oil spill on all wildlife. We need your help to grow and expand the network of volunteers across the Gulf Coast. On a weekly basis volunteers, walk or row a specific section of the Gulf reporting observations about wildlife and oil. Reports include observation, GPS and photographic data. The data collected will help to create a map of impact and degree of impact to assist in restoring lost habitat.

We are looking for volunteers that:

- Live in the Gulf region (TX, LA, FL, AL, MS)
- Are familiar with geography of the region (waterways, accessible beaches)
- Are familiar with wildlife and wildlife behavior in the region

Volunteers must:

- Be able to walk (1 - 2 miles of coastline)
- Have their own boat or kayak (if they'd like to work on the water)
- Commit to weekly monitoring of 2-4 hours for 2 weeks at a time
- Have access to a computer (PC or MAC)
- Provide their own transportation and housing

Learn more about the Gulf Coast Surveillance Teams and Sign-up to Volunteer.