Jobs available at North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

North Carolina is embarking on a visionary new program that links research and education outreach. Jobs will be posted throughout the fall on the NC state web site, as well as by checking the NC Museum of Natural Sciences website.


The mission of the Nature Research Center (“NRC”) is to engage the public in understanding the scientific research that affects their daily lives.


The NRC, a 80,000-square-foot environmental science center, is scheduled to open in 2011 and is projected to attract more than 200,000 visitors annually. The NRC will feature various levels of public engagement: from live presentations to interactive exhibits, and from hands-on Investigate Labs to collaboration opportunities with research scientists.

The NRC will focus on current scientific research and will partner with leading government agencies, prestigious universities, prominent corporations and private foundations to ensure the public has access to an innovative venue for exploring the latest advances in science and environmental research.

As a leading-edge “green” building, the NRC will serve as a national model for green design strategies, illustrating for business leaders and the public the value and methods behind environmentally friendly and energy efficient construction.

The centerpiece of the NRC will be The Daily Planet — a four-story multimedia program area that will employ unique audio and visual technologies to greet and inform visitors. The Daily Planet will help introduce visitors to the world of scientific research and the purpose of the NRC, as well as provide a rich audio/visual backdrop for live presentations on special topics, including key environmental issues and recent scientific discoveries. Hands-on Investigate Labs will allow visitors to experience the process of science by introducing them to data collection, making predictions, working with actual lab equipment and hearing from scientific experts in the field.

The NRC will feature an array of scientific programming, using new technology and communication media — including live feeds about current science research — to increase daily outreach to audiences statewide via television channels, the Research Channel consortium, the North Carolina Information Highway, continuous webcasts and other strategies.


The NRC will:
• engage the public in research projects through creative and innovative methods;
• improve the ability of teachers to teach science and enhance science education for all students;
• advance environmental education’s role in North Carolina’s K–16 science curriculum;
• foster collaborative, interdisciplinary natural sciences research with universities, museums and industry; and
• encourage the use of new technology and communications media to make science and environmental information available to all communities — across the state and nation.