Plant Population Biology Section Liaison: Elise Gornish (Florida State University)

I am the Plant Population Ecology Section liaison to the Student Section. My role is to keep both sections communicating throughout the year. Specifically, my responsibility will be to help both sections avoid redundancy in the recognition of young ecologists, and to create synergistic activities through the sponsorship and organization of organized oral sessions, symposia and special poster sessions, field trips and workshops.

I am a PhD student at Florida State University looking at the relationship between global change and range shifts. I am using factorial field experiments to identify how warming and increased nitrogen deposition affect a species at each stage of a range shift. I am working on a series of (occasionally) related side projects, which include investigating the role of temperature mean and variance on the demography of the mint Dicerandra frutescens, the use of regression-design life table response experiments in analyses of density effects, the effects of historical climate change response on current response, and dune plant dynamics and restoration.


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