Microbial Ecology Section Liaison: Lisa Tiemann (University of Kansas)

As liaison between the ESA Microbial Ecology and Student Sections I will inform ESA student members about and encourage participation in Microbial Ecology Section activities and opportunities in order to build a larger student presence in the Microbial Ecology Section.

I consider myself first and foremost a soil microbial ecologist, but could also be called a biogeochemist or ecosystem ecologist. I am interested in the effects of disturbance on soil microbial communities and whether or not microbial community responses to disturbance are similar to fundamental ecological patterns that have been observed in macroscopic organisms' response to disturbance. I am also very interested in the environmental controls on nitrous oxide production and consumption during the process denitrification. I am exploring these controls at a genetic level by modeling the transcription network responsible for the denitrification process using a systems biology approach.


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