2010 meeting in Pittsburgh, PA

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ESA-SS Business Meeting
4 August 2010
1130-1315 h


  • Welcome by Rob Salguero-Gomez, Chair 2010

  • Introduction of new board for 2011
    • Naupaka Zimmerman, Chair

    • Andréa Kuchy, Vice Chair
    • Jorge Ramos, Secretary
  • Reading of mission statement


  1. Membership
    1. 618 members in 2009
    2. ESA-SS funded 9 years ago, very young section of Society
    3. 2500 members of society are students, much recruitment needed
    4. How to become an ESA-SS member- $5
  2. Budget
    1. ESA-SS funded 9 years ago, very young section of Society
    2. ~2500 members of society are students, much recruitment needed
    3. How to become an ESA-SS member- $5
    4. ESA-SS income from student section fees ($5) and Mixer tickets-
      all sections can apply for Long Range Planning Grant but not all do
    5. Expenditures:
      1. Awards almost doubled
      2. (New) Travel awards distributed based on applicant need
      3. Business meeting (food)
      4. Workshop- Fight for What’s Right (food)
  3. Awards Ceremony
    • Initiated 3 yr ago
    • Announcements made on Facebook, SS website, Ecolog, student Ecolog
    • ESA-SS officers in charge of individual award
    • $ 150-350 each award
    • 18 applicants
    1. Real-Browns Award

      1. $3000 to cover travel awards (previously financed through ESA-SS budget)
    2. EcoFilm
      1. $3000 and prizes awarded

      2. JoVe- much molecular based approaches so hope to get more ecological
      3. Peer-reviewed so is equivalent to a publication
      4. No applicants this year- We need student ideas for getting the word out! Facebook?
      5. Education category- shares scientific knowledge, $400+ awarded
    3. EcoPhoto
      1. Terry Chapin and Mary Power, National Geographic judged films and photos

      2. Winners will be shown at Phipps Botanical Gardens for 2 months
    4. Best Undergraduate Presentation Awards (BUPAs)
      1. Meghan and Sally- agreed to coordinate again this year

      2. 6 submissions this year
      3. Oral and poster presentations - graduate students judge undergraduates’ work, method to provide feedback
      4. Next year need to increase submissions
      5. Suggestion to have BGPA (Best Graduate Presentation Award)
      6. Suggestion for grad/ undergraduate students: to acknowledge when submitting abstract if want to be judged.
    5. Outstanding Student Research in Ecology Award (OSREA)
      1. Delegated pre-selection pool to other section chairs

      2. Tied between two applicants so split award, and gave honorable mention- great for CV
    6. Academic Excellence for Women in Ecology
      1. 5 applicants. Graduate student won.

      2. One of professors who supported is active in WISE (Women Into Science, Engineering and Construction). If write up proposal, may increase money next year.
    7. UCS/Ecoservice Award
      1. Co-sponsored- $300 award and $300 travel

      2. Will continue in 2011
  4. BP Oil Spill Gulf Coast Data Registry
    1. Data Collection

      1. Students collecting info on data sources to aid future conservation and restoration efforts

      2. FL, TX, MS,AL –taxa, time studied, findings primary goal
      3. Emails weren’t effective so students did outreach- volunteers to go through agencies, non-profit, etc.
      4. >~30-40 inputs to date
    2. Information
      1. Information on additional sources send to ESAStudentSection@gmail.com.

      2. Link to website on main page of ESA.org
  5. Journal Reviewers
    1. Ecosphere (new) and Frontiers (Sue Silver)are looking for graduate students to review submissions

      1. Want to give grad students experience of reviewing- can submit name and advisor

      2. Graduate student does review, advisor role for quality control
      3. Ecosphere is online and open access ($1250). After 100 articles, then may offer grad scholarships to help cover cost.
      4. Suggestion if education related, the Education section may be able to offer scholarship
    2. Suggestion for Workshop next year on how to review


  1. Planetary Stewardship theme for Annual Meeting in 2011

    1. Call for proposals for SYM and OOS- deadline Sept 16, 2010

    2. ESA is pushing for more OOS- which is organized by individuals who then recruit cohesive speakers for the topic rather than just submitting and being slotted into a session. Great opportunity for student to do- 1 page proposal and the people you’d like to have talk.
    3. WK and SS deadline Dec 2, 2010
  2. Student section officers
    1. Environmental Sustainability officer (Sean Ryan)

      1. Work with students who have ideas and working to put them into action

      2. Plan to secure financial support to have grant for student that have idea for plan stewardship and put into action
      3. Plan to develop webpage to network and contacts
      4. Develop workshop- increase student abilities to communicate with press- UCS interested in working with this
      5. Create science project and get involved with local communities (i.e. Native plant restoration in CA but not much known about increasing biodiversity- can provide project to do citizen science, collect data and evaluate effectiveness
    2. Webmaster (Novem Auyeung)
      1. Administrators with permission can go into ESA-SS website and add own pages if desired.

      2. Email Novem with suggestions if want something to appear on page
    3. Public Affairs (Sydney Glassman)
      1. Goal to increase visibility and increase networking.

      2. Looking for students interested in having casual meetings in informal setting

    4. OPEN positions

      1. Undergrad Awards Coordinator

      2. Membership Coordinator
      3. International Affairs Officer
      4. Diversity/Women in Science
      5. Austin local hosts
      6. Seeds-SS Liaison
      7. Other section liaisons (Fabricio may do Mexico Chapter liaison next year)
      8. Public Affairs Committee Rep (Cynthia Chang?)


  • Students that want to participate more in service often not encouraged by advisors. By doing education outreach, can publish paper on educational aspect of research in addition to own research

  • Jeremy Fox dialogue re: review process for journals – so many papers being submitted to journals, putting review burden on them. Implement credit system to review journals, starting with ESA journals. You get credit for reviewing, need credits to submit. What about students who never reviewed? Student input welcome. Proposal is in current ESA Bulletin.
    • have levels of credits depending on stage of career- i.e. Students won’t need credits

    • interdisciplinary issues- what if outside of discipline?
    • start with cache of credits?
    • unintended consequence: incentives to review papers you are not qualified to review?
  • Possible mentoring award for faculty? Student recognition for faculty- students nominate
    • maybe have other faculty member write letter of support

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