2010 Best Undergraduate Presentation Awards (BUPAs)

***Deadline extension to June 30, 2010***

The Student Section of the Ecological Society of America will award two cash prizes ($100 each) to the best undergraduate student oral presentation and best undergraduate student poster presentation. Best undergraduate student oral and poster presentations will be awarded based on the same criteria as the Buell and Braun awards (see http://www.esa.org/albuquerque/buell_braun.php for additional details). Awards for the 2010 recipients will be presented at the Student Section award ceremony at the 2011 annual meeting, in Austin, TX. For questions regarding the award, please contact Naupaka Zimmerman (naupaka(at)stanford.edu), ESA Student Section Vice Chair.

All applicants must be members of the ESA Student Section in the 2010-2011 year (contact Matthew Whiteside at mwhitesi(at)uci.edu if you are not sure about your current status--it’s only $5!), fill out this form, and attach the abstract of the talk/poster at the bottom of this application. Deadline is June 30th 2010, 5pm EST. Please submit your application to the ESA-SS secretary (Andrea Kuchy at alkuchy(at)hotmail.com) with “ESA-SS BUPAs” as the subject line. Please notice that the subject line must be exactly the one described above or your application may not be identified as such.

Thanks and best luck!