Funding Opportunity to Attend Advanced Study Institute and Workshop in Conservation Biology

The Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS) and the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) at Ohio State University are sponsoring an Advanced Study Institute (ASI) and workshop in Conservation Biology to be held July 28 - August 13, 2010 at the Kenya Wildlife Services Training Institute in Naivasha, Kenya. During the 3-day workshop (August 11 – 13, 2010) interdisciplinary researchers will discuss their work with graduate students and assist the graduate students in developing research projects. A 2-week advanced study institute (July 18, 2010 – August 10, 2010) will prepare the graduate students to participate in the workshop. Topics to be covered include population viability analysis (PVA), conservation genetics, reserve design, GIS and remotely sensed data, plant and animal disease, and global change including climate change. Various modeling paradigms will be discussed, as well as introductory lectures on related topics. Funding is available for graduate students to cover travel allowance, housing allowance, meals, and registration. Graduate student applications are now being accepted for the ASI/Workshop. Instructions to apply can be found at:

Contact: Gene Fiorini
Email: usai(at)
For more information, visit the workshop website at