Rob's story

"My motivation in plant ecology popped up relatively late, as a reaction to a "bad" experience. I had always been an A+ student in highschool. The transition to college was quite dramatic: I failed the first midterm of Intro to Botany, which meant a real shock to me back then. My mother got me a weird-looking cactus (Astrophytum asterias) as a consolation prize. I was so amazed by it and the strange forms of other species that I decided to start a collection of cactae and other arid plants; the collection got over 200 species. When I came back from my Masters in London my mother (the ultimate person responsible for this reaction), had decimated the collection because she "thought they needed more water", but by then it was too late, I was fascinated by life under extreme arid conditions and I had decided to pursue an academic career to learn more about it. The rest is history."

-- From Roberto Salguero Gomez, Networking Coordinator of ESA Student Section