Environmental Policy Officer: Dan Song (UPenn)

In this new position I look forward to building new bridges connecting ecologists and policy makers. Although nascent professionally, it is never too early for graduate students to start monitoring how policies are being formulated and what the consequences of these policies may be. If there are any questions or thoughts on how we can better achieve our goals, please feel free to contact me.

I am a first year PhD student in the Department of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania. I am broadly interested in the role of disturbances in shaping assemblages. My previous research in Greece focused on the relationship between nectar production and invasive plant species reproductive success. I also studied the how an alien alternate host plant affects Colorado potato beetle fecundity. For my doctoral studies I will be studying how climate change affects plant-pollinator interactions in the steppe system of northern Mongolia. Specifically, I will be examining how pollinator networks and pollination services are affected by changes in temperature and nomadic pastoralism.

I received my bachelor degrees in political science and environmental science from the University of California, Berkeley. Although loosely related to my interest in ecology, I am also interested in how negative externalities impact wildlife conservation efforts and how policies can mitigate detrimental effects.


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